Making Sense of Anger

We all learned to count to 10 in kindergarten. Maybe that's not the problem. 

There is a reason that most people find anger management classes of limited usefulness. Everyone's anger is not the same. Although there are some things that we all have in common, we have different triggers and express it in different ways. Although anger usually stands alone as a problem, it may also be a symptom of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or other issues that are best diagnosed and treated by a licensed clinician.

Although the vast majority of clients are voluntary, St. Louis Anger Management is approved to provide mandated treatment by most area courts, family services, and employers.

Whether your anger is related to depression, anxiety, the workplace, driving, family issues, parenting or domestic abuse, a solution is available. Call today to set up an individual and confidential session to clarify the problem and move toward a solution.

Most Health Insurance Plans Accepted

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