Anger Quiz

    Here are a few questions to help you determine whether you should get help with your anger. Be honest with yourself; nobody is looking.

1. Other people have told you that you have an anger problem.
2. You lose your temper once per week or more.
3. You have been written up or fired from a job because of your temper.
4. You have quit a job in anger without having a new job lined up.
5. Your spouse has threatened to leave because of your temper.
6. You have been called controlling or verbally abusive
7. You often see others as disrespectful, rude, or inconsiderate.
8. As an adult, you have had a physical fight with another person.
9. You feel like you are constantly yelling at your children.
10. You have lost a friend as a result of your anger.
11. You often feel regret for things you have said or done while angry.
12. You feel you are out of control when you get angry.
13. You don't let go of your anger and hold resentments.

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