Strength Through Emotions Management

STEM is a specialized program designed for men who are angry and abusive in their relationships with women. Although anger management is one facet of the work in the STEM program, abusiveness is a much broader issue. Whether the abuse is physical, emotional, sexual or verbal, the ongoing safety of the victim takes precedence in all program services.

  • Confidential initial assessment includes a full mental health screening, ,,,,,,,,,     a substance abuse/dependence screening, and a risk of violence evaluation.
  • Initial, individual sessions focus on developing motivation and expectation for change, clarifying the course of treatment, providing basic tools and definitions used in the group, and clarifying client and therapist responsibilities.
  • Clients presenting with psychiatric disorders are encouraged  to schedule additional individual psychotherapy sessions instead of, or in addition to group. This has historically been a very small percentage of STEM clients. Seriously and persistently mentally ill adults are generally not appropriate for the STEM group and other treatment options are discussed.
  • The STEM group meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-7:00. It is designed as a follow-up for men who have made progress in their individual treatment and need support in maintaining their gains and holding themselves accountable.
  • Regular attendance is expected, but the reality of unanticipated absences for urgent work, health, or family matters is recognized and respected.
  • The STEM program is committed to cooperation with other involved agencies, offices, and systems, in the development of a coordinated community response to domestic violence. However, STEM is not certified for men mandated by area Courts or Probation & Parole.
  • Health insurance generally covers the evaluation process and the indiviudual treatment of substance abuse and psychiatric disorders. The STEM group itself is not covered by health insurance as abusiveness is not a clinical disorder or health problem.
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